Apply for Committee!

The Big Event is made possible by countless hours of behind the scenes work from our executive team, committee, and staff assistants. If you enjoyed participating last year, and have a desire to get involved, you would be a great fit for committee. Here are some reasons you should apply for committee:

  • Join the Family of Big Event by meeting nearly 300 new people who love community service, and who desire to make an impact the world.
  • Lead a team of 6 staff assistants, and develop relationships by teaching them how to check jobs and fill out paperwork.
  • Oversee the job description, tool count, and participant number for every job site your staff checks.
  • Play an active role on day of in distributing food, tools, check-in process, problem management, tool bringback, media relations, and various other jobs. 
  • Have the chance to make an impact at Texas A&M University through impacting the community.

Email us if you have any questions at and we look forward to seeing you on April 2, 2016!

Committee Members

The Big Event operates with a committee of approximately 40 members. Each fall, applicants go through an application and interview process to be selected for The Big Event. The committee is broken into five sub-committees, each comprised of about 6-12 members. These sub-committees work throughout the year to complete various tasks that help The Big Event continue to be successful. As a committee member you can expect the following responsibilities:

  • Attend all weekly committee meetings held on Tuesday night
  • Attend all mandatory events, including workshops and retreats
  • Complete various tasks designated by your sub-committee executives
  • Participate in the Fall Service Project, Gala, and Subco Day
  • Work table hours as assigned for Campus Awareness
  • Distribute Job Request Forms and Participation Forms
  • Check job sites and fill out corresponding paperwork
  • Work one office hour each week in the Fall and Spring
  • Pay fall and spring dues 


Day-of Duties

On the day of The Big Event, committee members (and staff assistants) serve as the primary workforce to complete the following:    

  • Checking in of all of the student participants and working at various other locations during kick-off
  • Tool distribution
  • Setting up tool headquarters and taking tools back from students as jobs are completed
  • Checking job sites to ensure that the recipient is satisfied
  • Completing jobs that are not completed and solving miscellaneous problems
  • Cleaning up the site of The Big Event


Time commitment

Although more time consuming than a staff assistant, many of our past committee members have been active in other organizations along with The Big Event. However, we ask that anyone who applies for committee is prepared to dedicate to us as much as 6-8 hours a week. With a leadership role in the largest student-run service organization in the country comes quite a bit of responsibility! Please review the mandatory dates and hours on the application for more details concerning time commitments. 

Contact our Development Executives Will Radney and Courtney Cotter at if you have any questions about the application!