Committee Members

The Big Event operates with a committee of approximately 40 members. Each fall, applicants go through an application and interview process to be selected for The Big Event. The committee is broken into five sub-committees, each comprised of about 6-12 members. These sub-committees work throughout the year to complete various tasks that help The Big Event continue to be successful. As a committee member you can expect the following responsibilities:

  • Attend all weekly committee meetings held on Tuesday night
  • Attend all mandatory events, including workshops and retreats
  • Complete various tasks designated by your sub-committee executives
  • Participate in the Fall Service Project, Gala, and Subco Day
  • Work table hours as assigned for Campus Awareness
  • Distribute Job Request Forms and Participation Forms
  • Check job sites and fill out corresponding paperwork
  • Work one office hour each week in the Spring
  • Pay fall and spring dues 
Day-of Duties

On the day of The Big Event, committee members (and staff assistants) serve as the primary workforce to complete the following:    

  • Checking in of all of the student participants and working at various other locations during kick-off
  • Tool distribution
  • Setting up tool headquarters and taking tools back from students as jobs are completed
  • Checking job sites to ensure that the recipient is satisfied
  • Completing jobs that are not completed and solving miscellaneous problems
  • Cleaning up the site of The Big Event