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Howdy! As a part of out transition to 2016, we will be making some rolling changes to the website. If things seem out of place or links are broken, please disregard, as the site will be up and running 100% in a few days. Thanks!


See you in 2016!

The Big Event is excited to annouce that over 22,000 Aggies signed up for The Big Event on March 28, 2015. Come join a unified Aggie family on April 2, 2016 as we look to set another record for the largest one day student-run service project in the world! 

Remember our mission is to say, "Thank You" to the community, regardless of a resident's status or socieconomical status. We are here to serve and express our gratitude for the support from the surrounding community because that is how we as Aggies fulfil our mission of Selfless Service. Our gratitude and service is not based on the actions of another individual, nor whether that individual is rich or poor, but rather our gratitude is based on our values as The Aggie Family to serve our community!

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3. Email bigevent@bigevent.tamu.edu for any questions regarding The Big Event, or for any comments you might have. 

2015 Big Event Gallery

Here are some photos from the Day-Of 2015! Click the link below to see the full gallery.


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Thank you, 2015 sponsors!

Each year The Big Event is only possible due to the generous support of our sponsors! Without corporate and local business sponsorship The Big Event would not be able to be what it is today. 

Below is a graphic of our 2015 sponsors:









Big Event Spreading International!


The Big Event has spread International to Pakistan, Germany, Italy & Spain! Check out Big Event twitter @TheBigEventTAMU &The Big Event at Texas A&M University on Facebook!

Check out The Batt: http://www.thebatt.com/news/big-event-goes-global-1.3133004#.Uua42xDnaUk

With The Big Event Conference coming up for schools across the nation these are exciting times as The Big Event spreads International!