2022 Executive Team


Meg Camele '21


Southlake, Texas



Connor Harwell '21 '22

Masters of Real Estate


“The mission of Programs is to serve as a symbol of the scope of The Big Event, operating through the kickoff ceremony and day of activities in order to enhance the experience for volunteers and attendees. By partnering with vendors as well as the College Station/Bryan community, Programs aims to better facilitate The Big Event in logistics and presentation as a representation of The Big Event’s long standing impact.”

Whitney Seiler '22


San Antonio, Texas


Tristan DeBerardino '22

Masters in Economics

San Antonio, Texas



“Our goal is to recruit students who are passionate about giving back to the Bryan-College Station community. We aim to spread awareness of the value of selfless service and encourage students to join alongside us in fulfilling the mission of The Big Event.”

Hannah Garcia '22

Business Honors and Management

Mac McGee '22



“Our Development team strives to train, prepare, and equip staff with the necessary materials to build a strong foundation in order to connect and serve residents in the Bryan and College Station community. We instill confidence and motivate our staff to create stronger relationships through driving change, developing creative solutions, and celebrating each victory along the way.”

Jacqueline Hall '23

Business Honors

Landry Rickabaugh '23

Allied Health


The purpose of the Public Relations Committee is to connect and communicate with Texas A&M Students, faculty, organizations and Big Events all across the country. We strive to constantly expand the Big Event’s impact within and outside the university in hopes of creating a lasting effect for years to come.”

Lauren Bright '22


Susan Robison '22

Public Health

Donor Relations

"The purpose of the Donor Relations Committee is to financially support The Big Event and its mission of  “simply saying thank you” to the Bryan/College Station community by establishing sponsorships and maintaining healthy donor relationships."

Anna Pritchard '21 '22

Masters in Biomedical Engineering

Regan O'Shea '23

Public Health


“Operations strives to be the logistical backbone of The Big Event by bringing efficiency to critical internal processes. We aim to equip students with all the tools necessary to effectively serve the residents of the Bryan/College Station community.”

Shannon Chester '22


Canyon Sembera '22

Computer Science

San Antonio, Texas