The Work We Do

The Big Event at Texas A&M University is an organization that strives to uphold the ideals of unity and service. This one-day event is not based on socioeconomic need, but rather, it is a way for the student body to express their gratitude to the community that supports Texas A&M. It is important to remember The Big Event is not about the number of jobs completed or the number of students who participate each year. Instead, it is the interaction between students and residents, and the unity that results throughout the community that makes The Big Event so unique.

Our students are able to complete almost any manual task, inside or outside of a home. This includes (but is not limited to) raking leaves, weeding, planting flowers, trenching, mulching, trimming trees/hedges, cleaning gutters, painting (both inside and outside), stripping paint, dusting, sweeping/mopping, window washing, and general spring cleaning. If you have any questions about this list or what else may be included, feel free to contact us.

For liability reasons, our students are not able to use any power tools or ladders taller than 6 feet.